He is now one of the most popular young rappers, and his song “Diva” became a hit. ” is considered one of the saddest hip hop songs of the past decade. More than 50 years later, in 2012, musical genius Lauryn Hill, whose debut album was the first hip-hop album to earn a Grammy for album of the year, affirmed Baldwin’s sentiment with “Black Rage.”

LL Cool J: ‘Around the Way Girl’

While rap proved itself as a viable genre in pop culture, it continues to endure controversy and critique due to its history and current status, involving obscene and crude language and misogynistic and, sometimes, violent themes. Many people consider hip-hop and rap as just a genre of music, but, like most music genres, there is a rich backstory. Through its decades, rap culture has bent and twisted with fresh ideas, prompting new definitions of rap to materialize. And, what started as a fad turned into an influential and worldwide phenomenon practiced by many. To appreciate rap music, you first have to understand hip-hop – the father of rap. Hip-hop is more than a genre of music; it’s a culture that, from its genesis, has defied societal and political barriers and changed lives.

He is literally comparing her to an animal the entire time. He uses words like “preying” and “hunt” to deconstruct women into something animalistic. This clearly implies a lesser importance and an inferiority. All these things portray a clearly dominant and powerful male figure where the women is simply reduced to prey- something for a man to enjoy while he “eats” it and nothing more.

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The Grammy-nominated North Carolina rapper references Simone’s first protest anthem, “Mississippi Goddamn,” a response to the 1963 assassination of American civil rights activist Medgar Evers in Mississippi amid his fight against Jim Crow laws. In the first part, “Dreams,” Mill recounts his rise in the rap game through reflective lyrics, but halfway through, his tone becomes angry and bombastic depicting his “nightmares.” Talib Kweli has built his career on exposing injustice, racism and rampant systemic flaws. “Eat to Live” is an important song that addresses food deserts, malnutrition and the consumption of non-life-giving foods. “Teach the student what needs to be taught/ ‘Cause Black and white kids both take shorts/ When one doesn’t know about the other ones’ culture/ Ignorance swoops down like a vulture.”

He speaks directly to women telling them to stay hopeful and establish independence rather than relying on abusive men. He even ventures into the pro-choice debate — just as men have no “right” to abuse women, they also have no “right” to tell them how to use their bodies. The cycle of gender violence starts with the individual, if one can change; many can change.

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Eminem has been known to tap into some unnerving spaces throughout his career, most notably on tracks like “’97 Bonnie and Clyde” and “Kim,” where Shady graphically fantasizes about murdering the mother of his child. Cam’ron, known for his colorful alliteration and braggadocio, dipped into some macabre topics on a few songs from his debut album Confessions of Fire. Other artists like Tyler, The Creator have made a name for themselves by at times nose-diving into subject matter that can make one’s skin crawl.

Kodak Black is the rapper behind the song Wake Up in the Sky. He is known for being a little wonky and a little weird. His methods are a bit off and kind of strange but it does not seem to make much of a difference. He has a sincere fan base that loves him and respects him no matter what.

I attend Eastern Michigan University majoring in Media Studies and Journalism with a minor in Creative Writing. Last November, my News Writing and Reporting professor sent out an email that had details about working for The Odyssey. I was immediately intrigued as I love to write and I want to be an author one day, so I immediately reached out to Glorie. Not long after, I was offered the position of response writer.

Urgency is created in this song to take immediate action to encourage us to take proper and correct action without any further delay. The list comprises of songs about nature, the environment, and ecology and does cut across different musical generations and genres. The songs produced do mean a lot to those who do care for the environment. Given new life recently when the “suck a nigga’ dick or somethin’” hook was sampled for A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane,” the song told a story. The girl from Hollywood who paid to give you head — and fed you before you left. Rap Songs About EverythingRanking the top rap and hip hop songs about every subject, from church to weed.

Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Hiring a Music PublicistLearn when and why it makes sense for recording artists to hire a music publicist, including the cost, payment, and finding the right publicist for your needs. Pusha T’s “Nosetalgia” Is a Perfect Rap SongEach and every component — every single choice and decision — of a song matters when it comes to perfection. Buzzfeed Stole Our Drake “Every Girl” Article So We Added Even More GirlsBuzzfeed just straight up jacked our article about Drake song lyrics, but the sweetest revenge is doing even better work. Oh yeah, and we figured out who Alisha was, but how about all the other ex’s he mentions on “Special”? Keisha Chante is the same girl he grew up with whose mom he also loves, but as for Nadia and Shadia, they may be actual people, or they may be girls’ names that conveniently rhyme. Three years before Common’s “The Light,” the posthumous Tupac track “Do 4 Love” sampled a different Bobby Caldwell (“What You Won’t Do for Love”) song.

Whenever suicidal thoughts occur, it’s absolutely crucial to share that with someone. Many of them are based on real stories or personal experiences which makes them even more somber. While Meek draws on his personal experiences and hardships with the judicial system, Jay talks about narrowly escaping the system, building wealth and civil liberties. “Alright” is a powerful, poetic glimpse at the Black experience, one that transcends pain and oppression. The message is hope and faith, and while the story’s imagery is dark, light emerges through Kendrick’s courage, beauty and pride.

For back-to-back summers, Chris Brown had his finger on the dial. After “No Guidance” ran the mainstream circuit in 2019, Breezy lapped his foes a year later with another sugary earworm. “Go Crazy” is a light-hearted bop anchored by CB’s spirited hook and Thugger’s slinky delivery. Who can forget the “Go Crazy” Challenge, which spawned fun Instagram challenges during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?

If a romantic relationship is a friendship first, then it’s all the better because respect is guaranteed. With warmer weather officially hitting these New York streets, it’s about time you transform yourself into summer mode. That means turning up your swag for all the pretty ladies that’ll be out and about around town. Especially here in NYC, with so many cultures coming together, you are bound to run in to some interesting mixes of race. “We need Tamikas and Shaniquas in that Oval Office/Obama ain’t enough for me, we only gettin’ started,” Vince boldly declares on “Bagbak.” The Long Beach rapper also speaks about gentrification and racial division on the self-produced track. Staples brings hip-hop swagger to protest music, and the result is a new rallying cry for a generation.

It’s commonly written using first-person, with the lyrics directed towards a real or imaginary rival. By some accounts, a 12-member hip-hop boy band dropping three albums within a year’s time is textbook over-saturation. But that’s just what the members of Texas-based crew BROCKHAMPTON want you to believe. BROCKHAMPTON’s vibrant and declarative ethos is injecting hip-hop with something Fubar new. Whether you’ve already snagged your boo or you’re in the process of drafting a potential partner for this year’s cuff season, we have a range of R&B songs to dedicate to that special person (even if they’re just seasonal). If you don’t run away now, I am going to have to do all manner of acts that haven’t been permissible since the Middle Ages, and it’ll be your fault.